As most readers know, Supers magazine spotlights a “Super of the Month” in every issue, featuring an exclusive interview and photos. A handful of years ago, on our weekly teleconference, one of our stringers suggested a particular individual for this honor. Everyone was probably thinking the same thing, though I was the only one to give voice to it. “Who the hell is Dynamistress?” I said.

I looked at the promo photo she’d sent, which she told me had been an unsolicited submission from our slush pile. It’s common for the new metas to contact us, in hopes of finding fame. It seems to never occur to them that we’re a magazine that reports on those who are already famous.

She took a good photo, though, I had to admit. It was a typical cheesecake pose, leaning against a wall, one leg bent, a stiletto-heeled boot resting against the bricks. But her costume was much more modest than her name would imply.

I read the attached brief as my reporter told me what she’d dug up on her. Evidently, she’d been part of the Nevada Incident. That was newsworthy enough, but the other information she’d found was… intriguing.

I clicked back to the photo, staring at the piercing blue eyes that seemed to carry both pain and humor. “Do the interview,” I said. “Then I’ll decide.”

Well. You know how I decided.

The January 2008 issue was our best selling ever, aside from “memorial” issues honoring the fallen. And it’s the one most often requested as a back issue in our circulations department. (We’re sold out, by the way. Try eBay.)

I’ve read hundreds of books about metas, from boastful recitations of exploits to poorly ghostwritten “autobiographies” to scandalous, unauthorized exposés. But this book – Dyna’s book – is one of the very few that I’ll actually recommend to friends.

And strangers, too. Buy this book. Read this book. It’s not what you’d expect.

And stay safe out there.

Malcolm Goodman

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief



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