I often ask myself the same question.

Short answer: I’m a metahuman (please don’t call me a superhero) who operates out of San Francisco. I was a member of the Bay Scouts and the Gatekeepers, before starting my own group, the Pariah Project. No, you’ve never heard of them, I’m sure.

Long answer: My name is Dinah Geof-Craigs. I was born in 1971. Yes, that means I’m a meta over the age of 40. Get over it. I have a couple “claims to fame,” so to speak. The first is that I’m the only known person who triggered the human-to-metahuman jump by means of synthetic biology. (That means I manipulated my own DNA to bring about my meta abilities.) My abilities are essentially a form of bio-plasma that I can use in the form of focused blasts that, I’m told, pack quite a punch. The second is that I was part of Project Echo, popularly known as the “Nevada Incident.” If you don’t remember that, you must have been living underground in 2006.


Longer answer: My story… or at least, my story up to a few years ago… is being told in book form. Three books, in fact: Reckoning, Redemption, and Renaissance… collectively known as The Many Deaths of Dynamistress. And no, I wasn’t consulted when the series title was chosen, believe me. The first one was published in late 2013. The second was released in early 2015. And the third is allegedly making itself known whenever that writer guy pulls his head out of his ass and gets it done. So there… that answer is technically a few hundred thousand words.


Oh… and there’s this.

In case you were wondering, yes… that’s really me as a kid, circa 1981. My brother videotaped me at my request. I have no idea what I was thinking. The older version of me in the film is not me, of course. To my knowledge, no one was stalking me through my college years and beyond.