Birth Name

Wiliam “Billy” Eldwell


May 19, 1981


Pyro has the ability to generate fire in many forms, from walls of flame to jets of fire.


The Bay Scouts (2001-2006)

The Lone Star Rangers (2006-present)


Billy is the twin brother of Robert “Bobby” Eldwell, also known as Hydro. Born in Austin, Texas, the brothers relocated to San Francisco, California, not long after the discovery of their abilities. They soon connected with and joined The Bay Scouts. Following the demise of that group, they returned to Texas, joining the Dallas-based Lone Star Rangers.


Billy is brash and outspoken and tends to pick on his brother at any given opportunity.

Excerpt from Reckoning

Just then, Valora burst out from the pyre and lunged toward Billy. This was a woman who had crippled Daniel, who could go one-on-one with The Hammer. Compared to them, Billy was about as tough as a pane of glass. He’d be dead before he hit the floor.

Fortunately, Billy had presence of mind enough to shoot a jet of flame directly into Valora’s onrushing face. It scorched her, but she quickly ducked under the blast and rolled, leaping up to swing at Billy. But he’d sidestepped just enough that her punch only glanced his head. It still sent him pitching up against a burning rack of weapons.

The others were getting to their feet, now. Billy looked over at me. I wasn’t sure why. To ask for guidance? To see if I was alive? To say goodbye?