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It is said that Probe has both an eidetic memory and photographic memory. However, his abilities come with a drawback, in that sensory input quickly overwhelms him. Thus, he is reclusive, operating out of his small home and rarely venturing out in public.


The Gatekeepers (active member), 1981-1990

The Gatekeepers (reserve member), 1990-Present


Little is known about Probe’s past, other than that he is originally from Kentucky and moved to California in his thirties. Years later, he joined the Gatekeepers not long after it was formed, and was a great help to Invictus in analyzing cases. Over the years, as his sensitivity to external stimuli grew, he became a reserve member of the team, acting only as a frequent consultant for the group.


Probe is reclusive and quiet, eschewing personal contact. His behaviora is often interpreted as being stand-offish or rude, though this is not truly the case.

Excerpt from Redemption

“Probe has emailed me the results of his research,” Jasmine said at the next Gatekeeper Girls meeting, “which I have forwarded to you all. He has agreed to this call in order to give us an overview as well as answer questions. I have to stress, though, that too many voices will disturb him. If you have a question, just get my attention. I’ll pick it up telepathically and relay it to him.” We all nodded in agreement. Jasmine then took her phone off mute and activated the speaker, placing the phone in the center of the dining table. “Probe,” she said, “we’re all gathered and ready.”

Without preamble, Probe began to relate his findings, his dry voice sounding very fragile and thin with age. “In 1781,” he said, “an organization was founded in London called the Ancient Order of Druids. The specifics of its origins are unclear, but it was not a religious organization, despite the fact that neo-pagan groups regard druidism as a religion. Nor was it political in nature. It was primarily a social organization, devoted to taking care of its members during difficult times.

“As in many organizations, different views on how it should be run led to a schism. Ultimately, in 1833, about half the membership split off, forming the United Ancient Order of Druids.

“It seems, however, that there was a third group that split off at the same time. There are no actual documents I was able to locate to verify this, but my various sources do agree that it happened.

“The Nexus, as the group is known, is much smaller than either of its sister organizations. And it is not actually a druid organization, having its own agenda that is unrelated to those of the AOD or UAOD.”

His recitation was interrupted by a coughing fit followed by silence. We looked around the table at each other. Then he resumed. “Further investigation led to corroboration of the information initially provided by our missing teammate. The group does appear to be populated by metahumans exclusively.”

I frowned and indicated to Jasmine that I had a question. She lifted it from my thoughts and relayed it. “Probe, a question. Vicky indicated that this group was much older than the AOD.”

“One source did imply that The Nexus was already in existence at the time the AOD formed,” Probe replied, “and that key figures joined the group upon its formation, possibly for the purpose of finding new recruits. Given that you were told this by a former member of The Nexus, I’m inclined to believe it.

“My sources disagree on exactly where the group carries out its activities, which are purportedly of an arcane nature, but the most convincing argument favors the area around Abergavenny, a town of about fourteen thousand in the Monmouth region of Wales.

“Now,” he said, “regarding your other inquiry. Dane Weatherford was Director of Metahuman Affairs during the presidency of George W. Bush. He has a dual citizenship, American and English. He maintains a residence in London, as well as in Arlington, Virginia. And he is, indeed, a member of The Nexus. Records indicate he was born in 1940 in Cornwall, England.”

“No way!” I blurted before I could stop myself. “Not a chance he’s nearly seventy years old.”

Probe was silent, and I muttered an apology under my breath for speaking. Eventually, he spoke again. “In fact, he could be significantly older. His birth certificate lists the informant as ‘Dane Gregory Weatherford’ and states, ‘as per declaration dated 15 April 1940.’ Weatherford’s middle name is Arthur, which would imply that the informant was his father. It would also indicate that the registration of birth was done at an office somewhere other than where the birth took place, which was not uncommon during the war.

“What’s unusual is that I was unable to locate any information on the elder Weatherford’s death. No death certificate. No obituary. Nothing. I did, however, locate his birth certificate, which dates back to 1861. And it contains even less information than the 1940 certificate.”

Probe fell silent and Jasmine voiced the question that was forming in my head. “Are you insinuating that Dane Gregory Weatherford and Dane Arthur Weatherford may be the same person?”

“Either that or he sired a child at the age of almost eighty years. And given the nature of metahumans, either is possible.”

“Probe, are there records of metas having such incredibly prolonged lives?” Jasmine asked.

“Not to that degree, no. But consider that we’ve only been collecting data on metas for a relatively short time.”

Any other questions? Jasmine asked us telepathically. When no one indicated any, she thanked Probe and ended the call.