Birth Name

Robert “Bobby” Eldwell


May 19, 1981


Hydro has the ability to generate water in many forms, from fog to high-intensity streams.


The Bay Scouts (2001-2006)

The Lone Star Rangers (2006-present)


Bobby is the twin brother of William “Billy” Eldwell, also known as Pyro. Born in Austin, Texas, the brothers relocated to San Francisco, California, not long after the discovery of their abilities. They soon connected with and joined The Bay Scouts. Following the demise of that group, they returned to Texas, joining the Dallas-based Lone Star Rangers.


Bobby is the quieter of the twins, being courteous with everyone (except his brother).

Excerpt from Reckoning

I reached into my cape, opening the Velcro-sealed pocket that held my emergency kit. One of the items in the kit was polyvalent snake antivenin. I had no idea if it would be effective against Kimera’s venom, though. I began injecting Bobby, whose face was contorted in agony and fear. He looked at me in gratitude.

To his credit, Billy stayed out of my way and kept Kimera at bay with huge swaths of flame. “Watch out for Caracara,” I said as I pulled out Bobby’s own med-kit and used his antivenin. And just at that moment, she came swooping in. Billy whirled and angrily shot a bolt that hit the woman dead on. Her wings erupted in flames and she came crashing to the ground in a cloud of feathers and smoke, screaming in pain.

Lifting his glazed eyes from my injections, Bobby turned his head toward Caracara, who clearly was unable to extinguish her burning wings. And, despite his pain, despite the fact that she was fighting against us, he extended a hand and sent a geyser of water shooting over the woman, dousing the flames. Then his arm dropped to the ground and he lost consciousness.