Birth Name

Dane Weatherford (probably)


April 15, 1940 (probably)

April 15, 1861 (possibly)


Dane Weatherford is a major figure in an ancient British society known as “The Nexus.” Like his daughter, Vicky Valentine (a.k.a. Nexus), he is able to tap into numerous elemental dimensional planes and can bring forth “pieces” of those dimensions (e.g., throwing fireballs from the plane of fire). By combining different planes, he can effectively “teleport.” He also has great physical strength.


The Nexus (Unknown-Present)


Little is known of Dane Weatherford’s life. Over the years, he has held many jobs that kept him informed of metahuman activities, both in Britain and the U.S. He is rumored to have been with Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI 6). In the U.S., he served as as the Director of Metahuman Affairs during the presidency of George W. Bush, after which he returned to Britain.


Weatherford is a supremely confident man, though not arrogant. He is a cunning and ruthless individual. His apparent lack of regard for others would label him a sociopath, to many.

Excerpt from Redemption

“Okay, time to go,” I said. 

Just then, a flash of light erupted near one end of the room. We turned to see a bear of a man standing there. “I think not,” Weatherford said. 

Time seemed to stop as fear ripped through me. I remembered how lucky we’d been last time I met him. Only Jack’s ability to drain energy from him prevented our easy defeat. But my anger displaced the fear. I clenched my fists, ready to take him on. A quick glance told me the others were prepared to do the same. 

Weatherford, too, was sizing up his enemies, and he must have realized how outnumbered he was, because he ignored everyone but me. I didn’t have time to lower Vicky to the floor as he sprang forward. So I put most of my energy into my shield, bracing for the impact. 

Atlas and Vulcana ran forward. Jasmine got off a shot. There was a flash as the round struck him, and he roared in pain. 

I clasped Vicky to me as he slammed into us. I had a moment of odd vertigo, then we hit the floor. I let go of Vicky and sprang to my feet, only to realize we were no longer in the underground. Weatherford had ‘ported us outside. 

He was standing, but unsteady, gasping for breath, his eyes puffy and watering, thanks to Jas hitting him in the face with one of her chemical rounds. He stretched his arm out toward me and I saw what appeared to be a rip in the air open in front of him, just before a glowing glob of magma shot toward me, followed by another. 

I was able to dodge both and, luckily, they missed Vicky. Weatherford was having difficulty tracking me as I moved, so blurred was his vision. 

I dashed forward, gritted my teeth, and put everything I had into a punch that knocked him to his knees. But he grabbed my ankle with a crushing grip and yanked. I dropped, my head bouncing off the ground. 

Then he snagged my other ankle and, before I could react, he was on his feet and swinging me like an Olympic hammer. He let go, and I sailed up and away from him. 

I stabilized myself in the air using just my hands. No sense in ruining a good pair of hiking boots. Then I saw him heading for Vicky. I dropped to the ground, hitting him with as heavy a blast as I could manage. Again, he staggered, but recovered quickly. I saw his face was now flushed red and his eyes had nearly swollen shut. He ignored me and went for Vicky. 

This time, I was the one to hit him like a linebacker. Or more like a plow. He flew onto his back and slid across the grass as I came to a stop next to Vicky and scooped her into my arms. Seeing this, Weatherford hesitated briefly, then abandoned his quest. He opened a portal and vanished into thin air.