Birth Name

Terence Shepherd


November 11, 1955


Capt. Shepherd has no meta-human abilities.


The U.S. Coast Guard, 1980-Present


Capt. Shepherd was the U.S. Coast Guard liaison to The Bay Scouts from the team’s inception until it was disbanded. He continued to be a valuable ally to Dynamistress and others afterward. He and his wife, Helena, have two daughters, Sydney and Layla, also known as Vortex and Jammer.


Capt. Shepherd is, as most military officers are, a regimented individual, but is willing to bend the rules for the right reasons. He has a tenacious and team-oriented spirit and is a devoted father and husband.

Excerpt from Reckoning

On the last day of July, Commander Shepherd called a special meeting of the Bay Scouts. As we gathered in our base, I realized this was the first time our entire crew had been together since “the exchange.” It felt good to be with all of them again. 

Daniel sat in his wheelchair, but not at his customary place at our conference table. That head spot was reserved for Shepherd. I studied the rest of my team. Billy and Bobby were uncharacteristically quiet; it seemed odd not to have them bantering with everyone before the meeting. Esteban was similarly quiet, but this was normal for him. Jack and Song were deep into a discussion about something beyond my tech expertise. Valora clearly did not want to be present. She practically glared at Shepherd when he entered the room. Sinta sat next to me, eager to hear what our Coast Guard liaison had to say. 

Shepherd greeted us cordially, but casually. “It’s good to see you,” he said. “I know the past months have been very difficult for the Scouts, and I appreciate your patience as we’ve dealt with the fallout of everything that’s happened. That brings me to the first item on the agenda, which is to tell you that Project Echo has officially ended.” This got our attention. Several of us exchanged glances. “Not because DHS wanted to end it, but because the gateway has closed. Apparently, there was a failure in the apparatus that was keeping the aperture open, and… well… now it isn’t.” He was quick to remind us, though, that this didn’t lift the gag order. “Until DHS or the FBI says otherwise, this is still Top Secret.” 

“What about those who’ve infiltrated our society?” Jack asked. 

“DHS is handling that. And no, I don’t know how,” Shepherd admitted. He paused for several seconds, staring at his hands. I looked across the table at Daniel, who wore an expression of profound sadness. And I suddenly knew what was coming next. “I wish there was some sort of painless way to say this next part,” he finally said, looking up to meet our expectant gazes. “DHS has decided to disband the Bay Scouts.”