Birth Name

Timothy Price


September 12, 1985


Booster is a talented telekinetic, very creative in his use of the ability.


The Gatekeepers, 2005-Present


Tim applied for the Gatekeepers when he turned 18, but did not make the cut. He tried repeatedly, every six months, while honing his abilities between applications.On his sixth attempt, he was accepted. He has been on the team ever since.


Booster has a genial demeanor and is known to be friendly to just about everyone. He is close friends with Newton, another telekinetic on the team.

Excerpt from Renaissance

A few days later, I dropped by the Gatekeepers Citadel, toward the end of the team’s weekly briefing. I loitered in the hallway until the meeting ended. As the members filed out, many of them greeted me, some with hugs. Eventually, my targets appeared. I pulled them into an adjacent, smaller room.

Booster and Newton were both in their mid-twenties. They’d become fast friends after joining the team. Booster was tall and gangly, always with a smile. Newton was on the shorter side, friendly, but somewhat intense. Both greeted me warmly.

“Good to see you guys,” I said. “You’ve been well?”

“Yeah,” Booster said. “Things are good.”

Newton nodded. “How’s your team doing?”

“We’re fine, thanks. That’s sort of why I’m here.” Seeing their hesitation, I quickly added, “No, I’m not trying to recruit you.”

They relaxed, then. “What’s up, Dyna?” Booster asked.

“I was hoping the pair of you could take a young meta under your guidance.”

“Another ‘kinetic?” Newton asked.

I nodded. “She’s eighteen. Her abilities seem to be somewhat limited, but of course, that could just be because she needs training.”

“Limited how?” Newton asked.

I explained how Layla couldn’t seem to lift objects, just propel them sideways. “Oh, wow,” Booster said. “When my abilities first manifested, it was the exact opposite. All I could do was push things up.” He grinned. “That’s why I took the name Booster.”

“That’s encouraging,” I said.

The pair exchanged looks and nodded. “We’d be happy to help, Dyna,” Newton said. “I take it you’re planning on bringing her into the Pariah Project, which is why you said this sort of related.”

I nodded. “I’ve been friends of the family for a while. The girls are pretty attached to me.”

“She has a sister?” Booster asked. “Another meta?”

“Yeah. In fact, I came by to talk to Invictus about her.”

“We’ll be available on Saturday, if you want to send the kid to us,” Newton said.

I smiled. “Thanks, guys. I’ll do that.”